Monday, April 9, 2007

Jedi Mind Tricks with Sean Price

I ventured to the Grog Shop last Wednesday in an all out blizzard (yes, a blizzard in April; this is Cleveland, OH) for an evening of underground Hip-Hop that featured Jedi Mind Tricks with opening act, Sean Price.

Price started the night off by performing tracks from his newly released album, "Jesus Price Superstar," which is certified Platinum in the Terror tour tour van. He rapped alongside frequent collaborator, Rustee Juxx and they did all they could to get the crowd of 200 cold Ohioans warmed up from the weather outside and for Jedi Mind Tricks who would follow. Price would often stop the beat and rap A Capella which helped all in attendance see how complex his flows are, and how effortlessly he executes them.

I went to the show expecting Sean Price to wow me but it was Jedi Mind Tricks who really dominated the card. They were the headliner for a reason and they got everyone jumping and singing along immediately. Vinnie Paz was accompanied by Crypt The Warchild (1/2 of the duo; Outerspace as well as a member of the Hip-Hop super group; Army Of The Pharaohs) and they were a great tandem. They had such great chemistry, it appeared like they were a group themselves.

Rumors of a Terror and Jedi Mind Tricks U.S. tour have been circulating for some time, and this night showed me that this tour might just work. Everything that is present at a Terror show was present on this night. There were drunken idiots, people "moshing" (lollapalooza '92 style), girls beating up guys, guys beating up guys, bands stopping and threatening to beat up people who were beating up people, bands telling people to stop beating everyone up because they are the ones that get banned from every club and get the bad reputation from it. Wow, It was such deja-vu that at times I felt like I was back at work slinging cotton for America's 3rd favorite Hardcore band.

Jedi Mind Tricks performed material from the majority of their albums as well as a few tracks off of the recent Army Of The Pharaohs group release. A visibly intoxicated Sean Price even came out and did his guest verse that was featured on 2004's "Legacy Of Blood", although Price forgot most of the lyrics, it got the entire crowd and Vinny Paz laughing. After 1 encore and plenty of memorable moments, the show concluded around 2 a.m. Immediately following their set, Jedi Mind Tricks greeted the fans by the merch table and closed the night by drinking all the remaining alcohol in the bar.


What can be said about this movie that has not already been said? The film lived up to the hype and is an absolute fanboy masterpiece. It has the requisite gruesome violence, wart covered inbreds, and Spartan era doggystyle sex that makes sitting in a theater for 2 hours enjoyable. I have seen the movie 3 times, in 2 different states, and once on an IMAX screen, which made Queen Gorgo’s tits appear bigger than my house. I must say though that the first time I saw the movie was the most enlightening, because after the movie had ended, the two young African-American gentleman sitting next to me exclaimed, “My Nigga Leonidas, was gangsta!” Indeed he was, fellow Countrymen, indeed he was.

Cockblockin' approved.